Can't Automate ADSR in Groove Agent SE5

I have seen tutorials of people automating the ADSR in the Groove Agent SE5 amp section- simply right click on a square of the envelope and add automation. This does not work for me, and in a club Cubase tutorial Greg Ondo couldn’t get it to work either. Does anyone have any advice please?

Looks like a regression, it worked in version 5.0.50.

I’ll let the devs know, thanks for bringing it up.

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Has this been addressed? I’m also going through the same issue. I watched this tutorial: 5 Simple Ways Cubase Can Spice Up a Hi-Hat Pattern - YouTube, and I can’t right-click on a point on the envelope to show me the Learn CC, as demonstrated in the video on my Macbook.

It has not been fixed, and has been this way for over 2 years I believe, even after multiple updates of Cubase. Greg Ondo who does live videos on Youtube stated he has informed Steinberg, and so has the gentleman above. After over 2 years though I would look for alternatives to Groove Agent.

Like I mentioned above, this issue was introduced in 5.1.10 which is just a couple of months old. I’m not sure where you got those 2 years from.

As I pointed out, the problem existed 2 years ago which is proved on the official Cubase Youtube Channel (How to Automate ADSR Envelopes in Groove Agent | Club Cubase with Greg Ondo - YouTube). It’s extremely embarrassing that the title of a 3 hour video is " How to Automate ADSR Envelopes in Groove Agent" with the head of North America trying to demonstrate it and it doesn’t work, 2 years ago. I have also asked Mr Ondo during his tutorials twice a few months ago in which he said hopefully it will be fixed soon. Not sure where you got version 5.1.10 from.

Sorry if I wasn’t clear. In Groove Agent, you can’t automate the Envelope nodes directly, so it’s not possible to write automation by moving the nodes like Greg was attempting to do in this video. Instead, you’re supposed to right click the Envelope and assign automation (or learn CC) as a modulation source for the ADSR portions of the Envelope:

Unfortunately, a recent update made this right click menu no longer show up. The developers have been notified of this issue and hopefully it can be addressed soon.

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I have tried both ways of automating, also searching for it in the automation lane, well over a year ago and this has never worked for me.

Still broken in new update version of Groove Agent…

How can I download the 5.0.50 version that apparently works?

At the bottom of the page and i would stay on 50 until GA has an update

Cubase Pro 12 Downloads | Steinberg

That seems to link to version Groove Agent SE 5.1.10

Oh damn , sorry i thought Cubase was involved , my apologises

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Yes, please steinberg - fix this. It works nicely in halion 7

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Finally working in version Thank you.

Yes… bravo steinberg, bravo