Cant be sure this will work for Win XP but

I just saw a mention that Cubases that don’t run stable under Win XP need “NET 3.5” installed.
Worth a try?

Does anyone know they DO have NET 3.5 and still Cubase doesn’t run?

I don’t run XP so it’s just a suggestion. Make of it what you will. I’d advise you maybe look for any trouble by googling it just to make sure I’m not giving anyone a bum steer. I just thought it might be worth passing it on.

it’s mixed ,but the standard to aim for you are quite right is 3.5 with sp1 for stabliliy as i reported from the middle of January ,it may work but stability is questionable but ive been running it since jan with no issues

XP pro .net 3.5 sp1 no major issues here.

It’s eLCC that won’t install or run without .NET 3.5, has nothing to do with Cubase itself.

OK. Got that. Sorry all seems to be a false call. I didn’t have any details. Just thought it may help some XP users who have had difficulties. :blush:

lol nothing changes on here ! lol

lets use some of your own words of wisdom … use search and you will find the answers and then you will find the true words of wisdom ,but im sure you knew the answer in the first place !

6.0.3 on XP SP2 here. Net3.5 NOT installed on DAW, only on Internet machine to update E-licence.

All well as regards stability.

Well the funny thing is, I updated the eLicence on my W7 machine and everything was good, But I still needed >net update on my XP machine for C6 to run?

True. I should’ve done but short time to pass on an email recommendation from a friend. :blush: again.

Is there a way to install .net 3.5 without an internet connection? My PC in my tracking room runs XP and currently has C5 on it, but C6 gives me a licensing error when I try to run it, and I don’t have an internet connection in that room. I downloaded the setup file for net 3.5, but it’s only a 2.5mb exe which I presume initiates a downloader that copies all the needed files to the hdd.

This is the file you got?

Looks just like it, though the one I got said published 2008. They’re both around 2mb though.

This is the one I got:

I’ll try installing it, but I thought it would just be a downloader since it’s so small.

edit: Yeah, these are both just downloaders. It still tries to connect to a server to download 52mb of data. Also, it seems like I already have .net 3.5 installed, because it asks me if I want to repair it. Then I wonder why I get a licensing error when I try to open C6 with my C6 dongle on my XP machine.

edit: Oh, I see that one is Sp1 for .net 3.5, while the other is the actual 3.5 installer. Maybe in the past I install the Sp1 but not the 3.5 itself? I dunno if that would even work, but I found a downloadable version of 3.5 that I can put on a flash drive and install on my XP machine. Hope it works!

edit: nope, uninstalling and reinstalling 3.5 didn’t work. :cry:

edit: Alright, I uninstalled C6 and the eLicense software, reinstalled them both, and now it’s working on my XP machine with .net 3.5. I also updated it to 6.03, and it’s still working. Hopefully it continues to!