Can't believe C6 won't run on XP

No apologies for adding another thread on this subject - see it as a protest!

Look Steinberg, not every Cubase user spends hours on this forum. I was alerted to C6 purely through marketing email from your company. It certianly did not highlight anywhhere that XP isn’t supported on C6, and indeed, when you click through the various links to your C6 product page, there is still not highlighted citing of the fact XP isn’t supported any more. Wherever, it’s specified, it’s pretty deep.

Personally I only discovered XP wasn’t supported when I received my C6 update! As a loyal Cubase user, I really object to this cynical marketing trick, especially when you then won’t just come out honestly and say whether it will or won’t work. It’ll be a major investment for me to upgrade my system to W7, not something I was planning on doing for at least another year. Meanwhile, C6 will sit in its box.

I really think this was crap marketing, and a premature decision!

Apparently some people are getting it to work on XP, I cannot speak from direct experience. ->Click on specs and downloads, there you are system requirements first thing to check before buying any software - I really don´t see, what can be so hard about it. You simply have to use a little bit of your brain… :unamused:
But must be the same problem, why you don´t understand that if it´s not tested on XP, no one can tell you, if it will work, or not…

Suggest you read this thread it might help Windows XP not supported anymore????? - WaveLab - Steinberg Forums

it does run on xp im using it ! :wink: it requires net frame 3.5 and sp1.5 to run , ive been using it for 2 days , no crashes everything runs fine on my system ,shuts down , loads , used up to 46 tracks and fx ,really pushing it and i haven’t had a glitch , the only thing i will say if you install it you have to install manually ,but installation is perfect , i haven’t loaded any vst that came with c6 as i don’t use them but c6 runs very stable with low cpu usage !


As one of many that still runs XP, it does kind of suck that they’re dropping support for XP, but on the other hand this means that they can focus on making it more robust for future OS’s. This is finally giving me the motivation to finally upgrade to Windows 7. Honestly, how much longer can we expect software to be supported on here especially with Windows 8 not that far away? Sure, you can argue that other DAWs are still supporting XP, but they’ll drop it eventually.

Filterfreak’s right. C6 runs on XP SP3 with .net framwork 3.5 sp1. I’m not really sure if XP SP2 will also work, but apparently in his setup it does.

+1 It has to stop somewhere. There is the possibility to hold on to XP for a while. I am planning on upgrading myself.

Can the OP please change the subject? There’s all kinds of fud going round now. It should read something like: How can I get C6 to work on XP?