Can't break beam of a note tied across beats

The following example is a measure in 4/4 meter.

When I lengthen the C# at beat 3.4 into beat 4.1, I want beats 3 and 4 to be separately beamed. Therefore I want a tie from the C#, from the end of beat 3 into beat 4. Instead, I get this:

How do I break the beam of this C# that spans beats 3 and 4? These are my beaming settings from the notation options menu:


I think this has more to do with Note Grouping>Syncopation settings
@Janus this is what I meant:

Choices on the right column should solve your issue on a Flow basis.


Force duration (O) before extending.

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Thanks Janus and Marc for both of your solutions! Sorry for my delayed reply, I was away.