Can't burn DVD-A

Hi hoping someone can help here. I can’t burn a DVD-A. The program creates the Audio-TS folders and Video-TS folder, but then fails to burn the disk.

What happens exactly when the failure happens? What error message?

It starts by saying “Writing Optical Disk”

Then it just says Operation has Failed

Rather than burning, you can choose to create an ISO image. Does this work? Can you then burn that image with another application?

I have created all the ISO images; what program can I use to burn them? I tried just doing it in Explorer and it created a non-playabable disk.

Try this maybe:

OK, I made an error. I can’t create an ISO file in Wavelab either. It says that the operation has failed.

I do have a folder with the Video_TS and Audio_TS images. Can I use a third party to create the ISO from that?