Can't buy Cubase update

Is Asknet broken?
I’m trying to update Cubase (both Elements and Pro) and keep getting “Failed” messages.

I’ve updated many times before. I’m in the USA.
I have a support ticket in with Asknet, but have only received an automated response so far.
I contacted Steinberg support in the US, and they said I’d have to contact Asknet.

Would it be better to get the update from a store in the US that sells it - like Sweetwater for example.


What exactly failed? Could please provide the error message?

And yes, Sweetwater it definitely an alternative.

Some glitch in the bank processing function - IDK.
After entering all my info, I hit ‘purchase’ or whatever, it looks like it’s working, and then a message pops up - something like “Transaction Failed - your card will not be charged”.

I’m not going to do it again. I waited overnight and tried it again this morning with the same results.