Cant' change buffer setting on my interface after recording

I have a m-audio firewire 1814 interface. I think I know the problem but I’m not sure. If I record with ASIO gaurd on (which I’ve done), is that locking the buffer setting? When I go to the control panel on my interface and change it, then reopen it, it will be back to the same buffer setting (384). I’m having an issue with a vst performance meter peaking and my 1st solution was to increase the buffer setting, but it just won’t change.


I’m not sure, if I’m right, but if I remember correctly M-Audio had an issue with drivers those days, when I was using 1814. It wasn’t possible to change the Buffer Size at all, while Cubase running. I had to quit Cubase, change the Buffer Size on he driver, and launch Cubase back. I’m not sure, if M-Audio fixed this issue, or if I solved it by buing different Audio Interface.

In those days, when I was using 1814, there was no ASIO Guard, so it was not related to this function at all.

Yes…M-Audio still have these issues.

Setting release asio driver in background might help.
Opening from the M-audio tray applet instead of inside of Cubase might help.
Closing cubase setting buffers from M-Audio applet and re-opening cubase will definitely work.