Can't change chord diagram

This is my first rodeo with chord diagrams. I’m trying to change the shape of one using Alt-Q as per the manual, but nothing happens. I’m also trying Alt-Shift-Q to open the Choose Chord Diagram, but nothing also happens.

What am I missing?

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Can you right-click on the diagram and choose from the “Chord symbols and Diagrams” submenu?

When I try right-clicking on it, nothing happens. Write or Engrave.

Just to clarify, I’m clicking here:

I might be wrong, but I think you have to select a chord diagram (as opposed to a chord symbol).

The diagrams themselves don’t seem to be clickable in either mode.

The diagrams to select probably should be shown with the chord symbol (ie just above the staff).
The diagrams in your pic. are a list of the chords used in the project - as in “Hiding/Showing used chord diagrams grids”.

Hmm, that’s unfortunate, since I definitely want them displayed only below the flow header, and not throughout the piece.

I’m not sure how I’m supposed to change these. One of them is definitely incorrect. I’ve tried adding a new one via Library–Chord Diagram, but when I create a New one, I can’t even click on it to select it. Arghhh.

In Setup mode, choose the instrument where currently only the chord symbol is displayed and choose the option to show diagrams as well, then you should be able to edit the diagram. There is also an option to apply any changes you make to other similar chords throughout the project. This should also change the diagrams in the list above the music.

Thank you, that worked!

It seems I do have to go through the entire project and change each occurrence of this chord. Not ideal, but I can work around it.

Right-click on the one you have changed, and then:

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Ah, even better. Thanks again.