Can't change Engrave mode color scheme

With the extra seats I installed on a new computer (that old Mac Daniel that caused so many issues - with a from scratch OS install so I hope will be better behaved now). Anyhow setting it up to my preferences but oddly I can’t change the Engrave mode color scheme, while Write was editable. Popping the dialog a few times doesn’t matter.

Here you can see I changed Write but can’t change Engrave

Are you trying to choose a preset, or what, Dan?

Yes just choose a different present for both - sorry that wasn’t clear. As far as I remember on 3.5 I could change the present used for both, but checking a second computer with 4 it also doesn’t allow choosing a preset for Engrave, so my bad I’m missing something.

I can change Engrave to a single color, but its Preset menu is disabled.

Yeah that’s what I’m wondering. Also checked 3.5 and indeed there I could change both to a preset.

Thanks, chaps. Probably something’s come unglued somewhere. I will fix this as soon as I get a chance.

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I’ve had a chance to look into this now and can confirm that it will be fixed in the first maintenance update when it arrives.