Can't change my email address

I didn’t know where to ask this question,
but because I just bought the Cubase Elements 12,
I’m asking here for support.

Does anyone had a problem changing their email address in the sign-in & privacy settings?
I’m getting the message:
This is not a valid email address. Please choose another email address
My email address is
What can be wrong here?
Is it a bug in the registration process?
Because I first tried to register with my Gmail account and got the same message.

Any help will be highly appreciated!

Hi @tommum

It’s never a good idea to post your email address in a public forum. Scammers will collect it in no time.

Your email address is perfectly valid.
I think there must be some other problem.
Are there any other error messages?

Where exactly do you find this?
A screenshot would be helpful.

Thanks @Croissant for the tip.
Here are the step by step screenshots:
Cubase 1

Cubase 2

Cubase 3

Cubase 4