Can't change tempo

Hi Guys

Scratching my head on this one, wondering if there’s an option i haven’t selected? All i want to do is change the tempo of the track temporarily, for example if playing in a fast riff to get it accurate i sometimes slow the tempo to play it in comfortably then change back to normal. I have used other verisons of Cubase in studios and done this easily (version 5) but in 7 when i change the tempo it changes the metronome and moves my parts (i’d also like to know how to stop that too?!) but the actual parts stay at the same tempo!

I’ve read about musical mode and have tried that to no avail. What am i missing here? Suurely you change the tempo and it… well, changes?!


Look to the Pool.

Moving of the parts is due to musical / linear timebase. Changing tempo is about musical mode. And if done correctly, both work, so not really a Cubase issue…