Can't change text size

Hi, creating a text frame in engrave mode and pasting a chunk of text into it.
Then changing the text size, but as soon as I go out of the text frame the text size goes back again.


Personally I find the whole text dialogue very buggy in engrave mode. It seems to be quite hit or miss whether the font will stay the size you want it when you click out of the frame or onto another part of the font dialogue. A few problems I’ve encountered have been: I had multiple lines of text in a frame, for some reason, when I changed the font size of the the frame, the top line of text would change but the other lines wouldn’t. Text never seems to stay one size for me either, for instance, If I make something 12pt in the master template window, I’ll go onto the frame in the normal engrave mode and it’ll be 11pt, or 13pt, it’ll rarely stay at what I originally set it to.

I don’t know if I’m missing something important in the engrave mode, but I do find myself scratching my head with confusion when it comes to text! :confused:

There are certainly a couple of bugs in this area. One is that if you select multiple paragraphs of text in the editor and change their size, only the first paragraph will actually change size when you leave the editor, so you have to select each paragraph in turn and change its size. In general you’re better off, for now, editing the paragraph style’s size itself.

The other issue is that the point size reported to you varies according to zoom level. The text won’t actually print at a different size despite this apparent inconsistency, but if you want to be sure what size text really is, you currently have to zoom in close (e.g. 200% or higher) to be sure.

Obviously neither of these bugs is ideal and we will do our best to resolve them as quickly as we can.

Ok, thanks Daniel.


Cheers Daniel!