Can't change the height of folder tracks

I have a template that I transferred from an earlier version of Cubase.
The height of the folder tracks seem to be locked.

In the video below, the Marker, Groups, FX, & Input output folders were all part of the template.
I discovered that I could not expand the height of those folders. The marker track was ok.

Then I created a new folder track as a test and it behaved normally. You can see when I drag the mouse over the other folders the sizing handle never appears.
I’ve tried every modifier key.

I’m thinking I probably checked some preference someplace at some point to keep folder tracks at a fixed height. I have no recollection of doing it but it’s the kind of thing that I might do.

Or is it just a corrupt template?

Thanks to anyone who can help me solve this mystery.


This has been discussed here on the forum many times already.

The Input/Output Channels, same as Group Tracks, FX Channels, VCA Channels and VST Instruments folders, all these “system” folders are not resizable.

Thanks. I don’t know why I never realized that until now.