Can't change the length of MIDI notes


All of a sudden, I can’t change the length of MIDI notes. I can move them up and down (pitch-wise), but can’t move them horizontally or stretch them out.

Any ideas?

Many thanks


Tracks aren’t locked (my initial thought). I can draw in new notes, but can’t move them.
Also, I can’t move any events in the mixer window either.

I’d really appreciate some help - I’m on a bit of a tight turnaround and this is a new problem I’ve never encountered.

Thank you


Does it happen with quantize off? Sometimes I’ll have quantize set to 1/1 (bar) and it feels like I can’t edit the lengths when really I’m just not editing them far enough for the quantize setting.

A reboot seems to have solved the problem, although I’d like to know what caused this.
Cubase has a habit of doing random, massively irritating things like this, usually when I’m on a deadline, and if I can avoid it happening again in the future I’d like to.



and thanks Kelp, I’d turned quantize off completely while checking everything.