Can't change the length of MIDI notes


All of a sudden, I can’t change the length of MIDI notes. I can move them up and down (pitch-wise), but can’t move them horizontally or stretch them out.

Any ideas?

Many thanks


Tracks aren’t locked (my initial thought). I can draw in new notes, but can’t move them.
Also, I can’t move any events in the mixer window either.

I’d really appreciate some help - I’m on a bit of a tight turnaround and this is a new problem I’ve never encountered.

Thank you


Does it happen with quantize off? Sometimes I’ll have quantize set to 1/1 (bar) and it feels like I can’t edit the lengths when really I’m just not editing them far enough for the quantize setting.

A reboot seems to have solved the problem, although I’d like to know what caused this.
Cubase has a habit of doing random, massively irritating things like this, usually when I’m on a deadline, and if I can avoid it happening again in the future I’d like to.



and thanks Kelp, I’d turned quantize off completely while checking everything.

Cubase 13 same problem.

Tried all things suggested in here. Does not help.
Tracks are not locked, quantize is off, snap is off, Reboot, tried open with older version of Cubase (12) Mouseover cursor not even react or select note events in key editor.
Got project fixed only importing all tracks to new project and all works fine until added transpose track…

Reproduce bug:

  1. create project
  2. create midi track with notes in it
  3. create transpose track and make transpose
  4. try edit note length
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