Can't change the VST instruments of some players

I’m building an template for my arrangements.
Before I add players I have changed the first VST instrument from Halion into Garitan.
Setting up a score with original players saxes, trumpets, trombones, bass, drums. I’ve added the additional players for trombones in Bes, Euphonium, Bass Tuba in Bes, C and Es.
Changing the Full Score layout and untick all the additional parts.
Added a second Full Score (2) layout and tick all the players.
Now I have two layouts where I can work with the original players and the original with additional players.

I go to PLAY mode and change all the VST instruments. My selected score is Full Score with the original instruments. This works!
Then I go to the second Full Score (2) layout to change the VST from the additional players. This is not possible, I only see the Playing Technique dropdown.

I have changed the first Full Score and tick all the players, select the second Full Score and tick only the original players. Going back to PLAY mode and will change the additional players. This is not possible.
I have save the file, close Dorico and open Dorico, go to PLAY mode and will change the additional players. This is not possible.

After selecting one player in the dropdown box I could change the VST instrument. Going back to Full Score 2 with all the players I could change all those instruments. When changed that player and save I could’t change the other players. Also couldn’t change the players that were changed earlier.

What is going on?

Dorico file and screenshot included

CCMP (228 KB)
CCMP (227 KB)

I just tried your file, and in setup mode, with Drum set 2, I changed the instrument to drum set, I would be able to change the instrument in Play mode. So my question is : how did you add your 9 additional players, and how did you configure the instruments they are playing?
[Edit] I edited all those instruments and uploaded the saved file, hope it helps…
CCMP (221 KB)

Hi Marcel, I’ve setup a complete new project. I have a lot of problems due to the setup where I removed the Halion instance first before adding an instrument.

For your answer: I have added all instruments in Setup Mode as new players. First the basic one and the the additional parts like a Trombone in Bes, Bass Tuba in Es etc. This parts I use for copying the normal parts (like Trombone in C) without a VST loaded. When I print and sell the music I have all additional parts in the same project.

Hi Cees.

I’m Marc, not Marcel :wink:
Have you tried the file I uploaded to you ? Strangely, in your file, I could not change the VSTi nor MIDI channel, but changing each instrument in setup mode gave me back that access.
I could not find an answer to the next question, how to make Reverb and Master faders back in the mixer.

Hi Marcel! Sorry for the mistake.
I have try to charge the instrument in the setup and that works. I hope the Dorico teams can reproduce this problem.

Heh, you called Marc “Marcel” again – does your auto-correct change “Marc” to “Marcel”?!

Per this thread we would recommend that you only start changing the configuration of VST instruments etc. after you have added at least one or two players to your project.

Thanks, Daniel, as usual, your advice is priceless.

Sorry sorry sorry​:blush::blush::wink: Marc!!!