Can't change velocity of midi notes on any VST in piano roll

I recently upgraded to Cubase 8.5 and I’ve run into a very annoying issue that I cannot seem to find a solution for. I cannot change the velocity of any of the midi notes for any VST (Kick2, Native Instruments, Korg, Xfer, Steinberg, etc…) It’s the same issue with every VST. The physical velocity line will change using the pencil in piano roll on the velocity bars, but the audio output is only “off/on.” If I have the velocity of a note set to 0 then obviously no sound comes out, which works. If I have it set to 25 it sounds the same as if it were set to 100. There’s no middle ground. It’s simply ONLY off or ONLY on. It’s driving me crazy because I use varied velocities in everything that I do.

I’m running Win 7 64-bit PRO / Cubase 8.5.15 Build 126 (64 bit)
Intel i7-4790k @4ghz
Focusrite Scarlett i8i8 USB interface

Thanks in advance for any help solving this.

Do you have a midi modifier on?

No modifiers on at all. Any other ideas what could be causing this? I noticed that it happened, now that I’m thinking about it, after I upgraded from Cubase 7.1 to 8.5.

I’m beginning to suspect corrupted Preferences (Application Data folder).
But, before trashing it (and, if necessary, removing the corresponding data folders of previous version of Cubase, so they won’t simply get re-imported)… and, mainly for obtaining added info, just try modifying velocity from the MIDI/Instrument track’s Inspector (MIDI Modifiers>Vel. Shift, Vel.Comp.). Do those parameters seem to work ok from there? (more-or-less expanding on airflamesred’s theory :wink: )

I’m experiencing the same thing. Adjusting the velocity, but can’t hear any difference. Any progress here?

Are you 100% certain that the receiving instrument can indeed respond to velocity? (for example, do you have the same problem with, say, one of HALion Sonic SE’s pianos?)