Can't change VST instrument

I’m currently testing a trial version of Cubase Elements 9.5, and I’m stuck on seemingly a small problem. But I’ve been at this for hours now.

I’ve downloaded a MIDI file which I’ve imported. And I’m trying to set instruments, since some of the instruments used sounds really weird (e.g. Synth Bass 2 as the bass guitar sound on a progressive rock song). But how can I change the instrument used? I’m opening the HALion Sonic SE window for selecting an instrument for the bass guitar while playing the song, the instrument is changed, and everything is OK. But next time I’m stopping the song or moving the starting point, the instrument is changed back to Synth Bass 2.

I’m picking up hits about this being caused by Program Changes, but I’m not sure. In any event, I can’t figure out how to remove the Program Changes. It’s supposed to be possible by using the List Editor. But Cubase Elements doesn’t support the List Editor. So then what do I do?

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In the piano roll editor you should see controller lanes at the bottom, select program changes and delete them there

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Thank you for your reply. I’ve located the piano roll, and have found the controller lanes and selected program changes. But I cannot see any program changes there. The controller lane is just a big empty area throughout the whole song. How are program changes identified? I see it’s possible to select various channels from 0 to 127 (e.g. CC1 = Modulation, CC2 = Breath, etc.). Can program change command be located in any of these channels?

I find it easier to use the List Editor for this kind of task. You can set filters in it to show or hide different kinds of midi data.

FYI, the root cause of the problem is that the midi file you uploaded, like many others out there, initially sets the instruments so they will play on a GM synth. That’s great for a general audience, not so much for us DAW users.

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He’s looking at Elements Raino which doesn’t have a list editor:-(

Ohjohnson, there HAVE to be program change messages in there somewhere, the message will be right at the beginning, probably at bar one and will show as a single “point” at the beginning,

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DaveAbbott: I finally found it. It was a single Program Change located in the same track, but in a separate tiny “take”/“recording” at the very beginning. Thank you for your help!