Can't check updates - no internet connection

Hi, I use Dorico 4.031 on a windows 11 platform. When I want to check for updates it says that I don’t have an internet connection. That is silly, beacuse who hasn’t? Sure, I checked, but the internet is 100%. So what is wrong here. I would like to get the new version 4.1 this way? The exact message is: “No internet connection is currently available. Please connect to the internet and try again”. Any ideas?

Welcome to the forum, Leon. It’s an interesting problem. Dorico does check that it has an Internet connection by trying to contact If that fails, then it assumes no Internet connection is available.

You can in any case download the Dorico 4.1 update either by running Steinberg Download Assistant, then finding Dorico 4 under My Product Downloads, and downloading the Dorico 4.1 application installer, or you can go here:

Thank you. I can just go on my PC to google .com, so that is technically no issue. So I think it is a problem within Dorico. Anyway, I can get along.

I’ve upgraded tot 4.1, but now it says launching steinberg activation manager. But it doesn’t do that. When I mannualy do this, I see that Dorico 4 is activated but it doesn’t start up. Maybe it can’t connect to the internet for this also. Very strange. This was caused by the upgrade 4.1. Please help (and please, I hope not to have to uninstall and install again, because that is very annoying!).

This may well be, but it is often a useful tool. Also, I have to ask the obvious: have you restarted your computer yet?

Yes, I did. No change.

Are you running Dorico as “administrator”? (ie– full system privileges)

Yes, and even if I also choose to run it as administrator, it had the same problem.

Found it: I updated Dorico, but not the Steinberg Activation Manager. After I did this, I can use Dirico again.

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IIRC Normally the Steinberg Download Assistant automatically updates the SAM version, so it is something to keep in mind (for me as well) if one uses direct links for one’s program download.