Cant close cubase without Task Manager

CPU: Intel Core i9-10900K @2.60GHz
Graphic Card 1: Intel UHD Graphics (1GB)
Memory: 32GB
Screen Resolution: 2560 * 1440

Every time im closing a project, I cant close the cubase because its says “not responding”
I have to go to Task manager and kill the program

Does anone familiar with that ?

What happens if you open just Cubase without any Project and then close it?

What version of Cubase and windows? I’ve had this before and it’s always been a rogue plugin.

Maybe new plug-in instald?

its works just fine to be honest, i can close it noramly

Cubase 11 and windows 10

Not that i know about …

That implies it is something in your Project. As others have said a plug-in is the most likely cause. If it is happening on all your Projects there’s a good chance it is in your Template.

But if i go in the project for like 5 minutes than ill be able to close the cubase.
more than 5 minutes approximately, ill have to use Task Manager, its like depends on the time im using the program

The first step in troubleshooting any kind of anomaly is to eliminate corruption in the program settings as the culprit.

See: Safe Start Mode

Here some steps which can help you to find conflict:

  1. Save project As new copy to make test (Tested project - full.cpr)
  2. Remove all plugins inside MixConsole - Save as new copy “Tested project - Empty MixConsole.cpr”. Relaunch Cubase, check closing Cubase again.
  • If problem doesn’t solved:
  1. Open Tested project - full.cpr, Remove all VSTi (Syntesizers, Samplers, Kontakt…), save new copy as (Tested project -no VSTi.cpr) Relaunch Cubase, check closing Cubase again.