Can't condense instruments, because they are not in the condens list

I can’t condense the clarinets, because they don’t appear in the lists about condensing. Everywhere else (e.g. figured bass) they appear. All other instruments behave as expected. Restarting Dorico doesn’t help. Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong? Or is it a bug?

Bildschirm­foto 2023-08-11 um 16.19.11

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Are you able to attach your project? You can most likely delete all or most of the music from the project before you attach it, if you’re worried about sharing it here.

Hi Daniel,
Thank you! Attached one movement of my composition.
Greetings, Andreas
Szenen aus einem Studentenleben (Orchester) (11-8-23 NP)b - 2.dorico (1.4 MB)

Only the first instrument held by a player can be condensed. In your screenshot, it looks like of the two Clarinets in Bb, one of them is the second instrument held by its player.

Does repositioning the first Clarinet in Bb to be the first instrument held by the Clarinet 1 player fix the issue?

Hello again @Andreas_Kunstein

Having taken a quick look at your project, I wanted to share a lightly edited version back just to demonstrate some key Dorico principles that I think will save you lots and lots of time:

  • Page templates: it looks like you’ve manually moved every page number in the score to the bottom of the page? You can make this change for all pages in one go by editing the Default page template. I’ve done this for you in this project.

  • Page templates again: A lot of your parts were set to use the Full Score page template set, rather than the Parts set. This means they don’t show the part name on the first page, which is often quite useful to have. I’ve set them back to using the Parts page template set, but you’ve got a lot of local page template overrides in your parts already that mean this won’t necessarily update all parts: you’ll need to remove page overrides to make parts pick up the latest page template set.

  • Title information: If you add your flow titles in the Project Info dialog, all you need to do is enter them once, and Dorico will show the correct title everywhere. Ditto for the overall project title, composer name, librettist, etc, and crucially any subtitles you want to show.

  • Flow headings: The default flow headings just show the flow number and flow title, but you can edit this to show whatever information you like. I’ve edited the flow headings for the score and parts in this project to show the flow subtitle. Make sure you enter the English translation subtitle into the Subtitle field in Project Info for the corresponding flow, and everything will work like magic.

  • Font appearances: Use the Paragraph Styles dialog to change the alignment, font size, font style, spacing etc etc of all fonts that are used for titles, flow headings, page numbers, etc.

(Ignore the version warning when you open this project)

Szenen aus einem Studentenleben (Orchester) (11-8-23 NP)b - 2_LH.dorico (1.6 MB)

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Thank you very much, Lillie!
This was my first project for orchestra with Dorico, some time ago, but now I want to finish it.
Important hints from you, I will study these points in the manual!
And also thanks for the corrections in my document!
Condensing of the clarinets partially works again. However, I don’t succeed on the last page (bars 25-31) and on the 2nd page (bars 11-19). Could be the reason on the 2nd page the change of instruments?
And I don’t understand why in bars 22 and 23 the dynamics of the clarinets disappear completely by condensing.
Greetings, Andreas