Can't connect JLCooper Fademaster

Hi, I just got a JLCooper and I cannot figure out how to connect it to Nuendo. It’s not showing up under devices either.

Can anyone help?


Very probably the .dll was placed in the wrong folder.
Try to find out where JL has put the .dll, and move it into the components folder of N6.x


I heard from JlCooper today. Here’s what they said. I loaded all the drivers and the other software but still can’t figure out how to get it to work. If anyone can help me decipher how to set up Nuendo, I’d be greatly appreciative.

We have software and drivers for the Mac that allow the FaderMaster 4/100 to work with various DAW applications. Unfortunately, we do not have a similar Windows application. The FaderMaster 4/100 USB was intended to work with specific Windows applications such as Canopus Edius.

You may be able to get the FaderMaster 4/100 to communicate with Nuendo but there will be some work and experimentation involved.

The basic steps are:

  1. Install the FaderMaster 4/100 USB to Serial Driver

  2. Install a Serial to MIDI driver
    The Hairless MIDI<->Serial Bridge

  3. Install a MIDI Patch Bay
    loopMIDI | Tobias Erichsen

  4. Use the MIDI Patch Bay to connect the FaderMaster 4/100 to Nuendo.

  5. Configure Nuendo Device Setup to use the FaderMaster 4/100. The FaderMaster 4/100 is not directly supported by Nuendo but the FaderMaster 4/100 does send out Generic MIDI Volume message which Nuendo should recognize. If not, you can see if Nuendo can map MIDI messages from the FaderMaster 4/100.

Conceptually, it will look like this:
FaderMaster <-> Serial to MIDI <-> loopMIDI <-> Nuendo