Can't connect to CoreMidi in Mojave


Everytime I start up Cubase 10 after installing Mojave the message “Could not connect to core midi.You should restart your system.” pops up.

No number of restarts helps…

It pops up every time…

Everyone else got this problem? And possibly a sollution? :slight_smile:



This has been discussed already here on the forum. Actually it seems it’s more related to the Yamaha/Steinberg driver update, because we can reproduce it in macOS 10.13.

It’s reproducible only when Yamaha/Steinberg driver for an USB Audio Device without MIDI (5-DIN), like UR28M, UR824, is installed. If you don’t use any of this device, uninstall it. If you use it, try to use an older driver (and let me know if it helps, please).

Hi and thx for feedback!

Is it one of these guys?

If so, how do I uninstall the right one? :stuck_out_tongue:



Once you download the installer, you will find the uninstaller in the package. Use it.