Cant connect to Presonus FIRESTUDIO ASIO Driver

I am trying to set up mobile recording on mr Dell E4310 laptop.

I have a ExpressCard Firewire adapter with the correct TI chipset. I have run the OCHO Tool to verify this.

The drivers are install, the LED on the interface is blue, that is the good color :wink:

When I try to connect to the driver in device setup it says

Cannot OpenASIO Presonus Firestudio (Error Code 2)

Any thoghts?

Thank you for your time

Complete sys specs?

Another thought and some questions. Do you have another sound card on the laptop? Can you play ANY kind of sound through your external device? Dell is Windows, so Win7 or XP? Is your external device listed in the ‘Sounds and Audio Device Properties’ window for your laptop? Can you switch it if it is not?

Looks like a Presonus Driver issue, I have been getting some help on the Presonus site.

I will report back shortly as soon as I nail that down. My guess is Cubase is working fine,

I never did get this to work. I even purchased the card that Presonus told me they know works.

I gave up, pulled out my old SX3 PC and I am using it to record rehearsals.