Can't connect to Zoom H5 interface

Any ideas??
Until yesterday, I had been using my Zoom H5 recorder successfully as an interface with the Cubase LE that came bundled with it. Now suddenly it will no longer connect.
I’m on a windows 7 PC.
I have completed several projects already with this setup so I know the basics.

Cut & paste from my tech support request:

Zoom H5 interface will not connect with Cubase. I have been using it with no problems until this problem appeared today on startup. Cubase came bundled with this device.
H5 interface driver is updated, re-installed and running properly.
H5 device still works correctly with other software (Audacity).
Cubase sees the zoom H5 ASIO driver and I can switch to the driver and configure it normally in Cubase Device Setup.
In Cubase VST Connections - Audio Device column says Not Connected for all inputs and outputs, all buses. I can left-click and H5 device is listed in pop-up menu but I cannot switch to it - will not connect. Device Port column shows Not connected for all inputs and outputs and none of the H5 I/Os appear in the left-click pop up.