Can't control MIDI loops

Hello. I’m returning to Cubase after some years away. My problem is that when I import a midiloop (drums), I can’t control the level or the frequency of repetition. One imported loop sample just repeats over and over at full volume. The MixConsole can’t change the level, nor can the Inspector. And I would like it to stop playing when the cursor comes to the end of the loop, but it just keeps going. (I know that Ctrl+K is supposed to say how many times the loop plays, but that makes no difference either.) In fact, even when I delete the imported MIDI loop, it still keeps playing. What should I do? Thanks for any advice.

Be more specific about what you are doing.
One man’s idea of importing a midi loop is completely different to the next mans.

Thanks to Grim. The problem seemed to be that I had left Media Bay open in the bkgrd. Once it was closed, everything worked fine.