Can't control music when in notepad

If I’m writing text in Notepad and need to stop/rewind music, I can’t. Need to click enter on notepad to exit. If I quickly need to stop playback but forget I’m in notepad… it results in high levels of frustration and anger.

Is this a bug or a feature? I find it very irritating. Why can’t I click anywhere else? What’s so special about notepad that all of Cubase becomes inaccessible?


This is how the systems work in general today. The very same way you can’t control your internet browser when the fucus is in Notepad.

Luckyli for Cubase you can use dedicated hardware controllers (DAW controllers), so you can send the play/stop (and many many other messages) directly to Cubase even if Cubase has no fucus at the time.

Steinberg CC121 is one of them.

Cool. I’m definitely gonna buy a $450 piece of gear to circumvent some minor but nonetheless ridiculous software limitation.

Actually I can control internet browser when I’m in notepad. All I have to do is click on it and it automatically switches to it.


You can also just click to Cubase and stop it.

It’s the same in Cubase. Can you explain what you are expecting that is different than how it currently works?

Which is the same as how it works in Cubase - Notepad needs to loose focus. When you “control” your browser like you describe, you are no longer in Notepad so no you cannot control your browser while in Notepad.

I also find it frustrating for doing some some things when I’ve been editing in the Notepad. But it kinda makes sense. I mostly use the spacebar to start & stop playback. If I’m in the Notepad and hit the spacebar how is Cubase supposed to know I want it to play instead of you know putting a space between two words in the Notepad. When you are inside Notepad Cubase assumes that what you are typing is text you are entering. If that’s not what you want it to do, then you need to let Cubase know by shifting focus away from Notepad.

Good news though: You can get a suitable used controller for substantually less than $450 (nanoKontrol is a great cheap option), or if you have assignable buttons on your keyboard it could be free…

It’s not just Cubase. Other DAWs work the same way, because, as you say, that’s what makes sense.

For this I highly recommend Jack Daniels


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