Can't control volume of midi

I am trying to fiddle with the volume of a very basic midi drum track I created with the computer keyboard. I tried setting up automation the same way I do with my audio tracks but is has no effect. The mute automation does work but not the volume. I am on Cubase 1.x any ideas?

thanks mucho
gary in vermont

Which VSTi is producing the drumsounds?

Are you trying to automate the MIDI fader?

Try opening the midi editor and select Volume in the controller lane and or use Velocity

the current settings are like this. the thing i’m trying to adjust with no affect is circled:

what do you mean “midi editor?” is that they key editor or the list editor? i’ve tried both and don’t see any volume available. both have a velocity setting but it doesn’t seem to do anything.

will all this work better and be easier when I upgrade?

Ah, Universal Sound Module. Try automating the plugin volume fader instead.
I personally find that the volume bar you showed is never really reliable. It depends on the plugin how they respond to that particular fader, apparently USM doesn’t respond at all :stuck_out_tongue: