Can't copy midi with vst automation

I never manage to copy midi with the written automation.
For example I used sylenth1 plugin for some leads and wrote pitch automation on them.
If I cope their midi to another place on the timeline, the automation wouldn’t be copied.
How do I copy midi with it’s automation ?
Thanks ! :slight_smile:

I copy and paste the automation in the edit window.

There should be a pref: Automation Follows Events in the Editing section. You can also assign a KC to this to toggle it on/off.


Perhabs I didn’t put my things right -
is there a way to encapsulate a a MIDI part with its VST instrument automation in order to copy it just by dragging the MIDI part? (Unfortunately,“automation follows” option effects only the MIDI automation and not the VST automation)

When you say vst automation - do you mean automation that is part of the Instrument Track? There is no way to do that that I am aware of, tho, TBH - I do not own v8.


Yes this is what I meant.
I know in logic it’s possible to do…
Are you sure it can’t be done in cubase 8 ?

“automation follows” works with VST automation if you’re copying/moving on the same track; to copy/move onto other tracks, try using the range tool (provided you can ‘touch’ both the midi part and the automation track you wish simultaneously).