Can't copy paste drum pads to different banks in the SE Studio Kit content set

Hi, new to Groove Agent SE 5 (Cubase 13). I have a kit loaded which is using banks 2,3,4,5. I want to create my own 16 pads in bank 1. For example, I want to copy the hihat in bank 3 pad 11 to bank 1 pad 4.

I spend a lot of time asking ChatGPT how to do stuff. Chat is fully aware of GA-SE 5 and its features, but apparently not all of them.

I have the kit “Funky Rave” loaded from the SE Studio kit content set. ChatGPT has been going on and on about right-clicking the pad and copy. Then right-clicking the new pad and paste. No good. We we went through a round a manually saving the preset and loading. No good.

Then I got my answer on YouTube and see the problem. In the YouTube video the person loads the “Ambush the Tigers” kit from the “Laser Beams” content set. When I right-click on the pads, the Copy pad and Paste pad options appear in the context menu. However, in the baseline “SE Studio Kit” content set, none of the kits have a Copy pad and Paste pad option in the context menu. That’s 21 kits that are not editable.

Is this true? I can’t build any of my own pad banks with the “SE Studio Kit”? content set?