Can't create a close repeat followed by an open repeat

Usually I’d spend the time to figure this out - I tried some searches but I need this done tonight!

I want a simple close repeat at the end of Bar 8 and an open repeat and the beginning of Bar 9. I can’t get them to appear, Dorico wants to display one or the other. I tried deleting and adding a System Break, no luck. I usually use Shift-B to open the Bars popover to add simple repeats by typing ‘start’ or ‘end’. Can anyone help me figure this out? If I click on the last note in Bar 8 I get the attached

#96.dorico (673.4 KB)

As far as Dorico’s concerned it’s a single barline, not two separate ones. Type endstart or end-start or :|: or :||: into the Barlines popover (as documented here: Bars and barlines popover)

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Thanks a lot Leo.