Can't create a second line of lyrics on iPad with external keyboard

I have a verse all typed out in my score. I’d like to add a second verse. I click the first verse to get the popover, then hit the down arrow on my keyboard. Nothing happens. The popover is still open, and if I start typing I’m just editing the lyrics in verse 1. I can’t figure out how to get it to create verse 2.

Oddly enough I can use the 3-dot menu to move the current first verse to another line - if I move it to line 2, for example, the popover shows a “2” instead of a “1”, but hitting the up arrow doesn’t take me to line “1” and hitting the down arrow doesn’t take me to line “3” - I’m just stuck on line “2”.

EDIT: Some more experimenting - if I add my second line to the bass clef and then use Option+N to move it up to the treble clef it replaces the lyric that was there. If I make the treble clef lyric line 2 and the bass clef lyric line 1 and move the bass clef lyric up the same thing happens.

EDIT 2: I just noticed that the up and down arrows are actually jumping the cursor to the beginning and end of the text box for the lyric. Maybe that’s a clue to what’s going on?

What brand of keyboard is it?
(After-market options often do not behave the same as OEM accessories.)

It’s an iPad pro magic keyboard.

I don’t have a solution but with a quick search I found many people whose arrow keys stopped working after an iOS 15 update. One person said “Check your Settings > Accessibility > Keyboards to see if something there is determining you arrow key behavior”. I don’t have an external keyboard myself.

Can anyone else with an iPad keyboard reproduce this problem?


I just tried with two different bluetooth Keyboards (apple smart keyboard and Logitech K380) with the same result, up and/or down arrows won’t change the Lyrics line.
As a workaround one can write in the Lyric line 1 and change it in the properties panel or with the Lyric menu to Lyric line 2, 3 etc. after that one can edit this line. Select then the note where lyric line 1 should beggin, press shift L and write the lyrics.

I have the exact same issue. Is there a fix coming for this?

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For the time being you need to input the lyric on the first line, then use the Lyric line property in the Properties panel to switch it to line 2 (or whichever desired line you want). We know this is a big impediment to writing multiple lines of lyrics in Dorico for iPad and we do plan to address it soon.

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