Can't create midi notes by double click ?

So i watched this :
video , which shows a new feature in 8.5 where you can double click with the object selection tool in the note editor , to enter a note.

I tried double clicking with the object selection tool in the note editor , but it didn’t insert any note. ?

I use cubase 8,5.

I’d like to use it because i can drag , change length , change velocity , all from one click with it .
(instead of using the pen and having to change length from the borders , or switch to object selection to change pitch etc.)


What do you mean by “Note editor”? This double-click function is available in the Key editor nad the Drum editor, nit in the Score editor or List editor.

I meant the key editor , my bad , wasn’t sure of the exact name .
(the basic midi window that opens where you have a piano roll to the left , when double click a midi event.)

OK, then it should work. Could you provide some information about your system, please?

Could you try it in the Safe Start Mode?

Yea :

Windows 7 ultimate

Core i7 5820k

Gigabye ud4

16gb ram ddr4

nvidia 960gtx.

cubase 8.5.
focusrite saffire 6 usb (usb 1) .

will try safe mode in a sec and edit.

Ok, so perhaps my cubase is just 8? and not 8,5?

On the eLicense control Center is says my licence is for cubase 8.5

but my cubase box Says “Cubase pro 8” , and written “Free update to current version” on the box aswell.

How can i know for sure my cubase is up to date with version 8.5?

I needed to buy it?


your license was updated to Cubase Pro 8.5 for free via the Grace Period. You just need to install Cubase Pro 8.5.

You should have a full installer available in your MySteinberg account, under ‘Downloads’. You can also get it here: by entering your USB-eLicenser number.

Haha i just checked . Thanks alot!

I need to uninstall my current cubase before installing 8,5?

No, you can keep it installed - I would actually recommend to do so. If you want to remove it, please wait a little bit in order to verify that all is running smooth with the new version.

Cubase Pro 8.5 will install alongside Cubase Pro 8 and update the Content, ending up with two separate applications (Pro 8 and 8.5) and updated common Content.

Hi, I know this is a super old post, but is there any way to turn off this feature? It kinda drives me crazy.