Can't create "multiple presets" in MIDI Device Manager

Within the MIDI Device Manager in Cubase Pro, I’ve set up a new “device” for my new ASM Hydrasynth using the “define new” command. After creating bank folders for presets in the “Patch Banks” section, I attempted to fill the banks with presets, with the correct protocol for calling up presets on the Hydrasynth (MSB, LSB, program change). In previous versions of Cubase, I was able to create banks of 128 presets using “Add Multiple presets”, where I could set up the protocol once, define the number of presets to be created and other than naming presets later, that was it. In Cubase Pro 10.5, when I select “Add Multiple presets” the dialog comes up for setting the protocol, but nowhere to be found is a setting for number of presets to create! :frowning: Clicking “Okay” creates only a single preset! :frowning: I cannot find a way to create more than one preset at a time. So that means I instead have to create five banks of 128 presets one at a time??? :astonished: :imp: That would be considerably time consuming. If someone has a solution, I’d sure like to know it! Or, is this just an oversight from the developers?


First Create Bank. Then select the select the created Patch Bank. Then you can Add Multiple Presets.

Thank you for your response. I’m not a beginner. I’ve been using Cubase since version 1.0 for the Atari in 1989. I’ve attached a screenshot of the “Add Multiple Presets” dialog. Please show me where the field is to set the number of presets to be added. Clicking “OK” creates only a single preset! I need to be able to quickly create five banks of presets, with 128 presets per bank.

I previously wrote that this did not work for me, but I had made a mistake, If you are writing patches for an external instrument please follow this as it will save a LOT of time. When you open the Add Multiple Presets window and you are required to add MSB and/or LSB messages to make program changes make sure you fill out the last field called “Range.” (The Program Change range is 0 by default). If you don’t the function will fail. If you think you are clever, like I thought I was, and enter a program change first, the presets will be created but will be wrong. If done correctly, this batch function will work and all you need to do is rename the patches.

Thank you very much for your response. I finally got this to work thanks to your suggestion. :smiley: In the “range” field, putting in single numbers for the MSB and LSB slots is the appropriate start. But instead of inputting a single number (like ‘127’) in the “program change” field putting in ‘0-127’ instead created a full bank of appropriately designated presets. This was certainly not at all intuitive, as I would have expected a separate field for number of presets created. So thanks again and this is indeed going to save me tons of time. :smiley:

Great to hear.