can't create new voice in new score


a new development: i create a new score for any instrumental combination, add bars, add key signature, add time signature - all with the popover commands working properly. when i add notes via the mouse and select note values with key commands all works as expected BUT when i want to add a second voice (or any additional voice) using the ‘V’ key command - nothing changes… i don’t get the second voice indicator in the input line. all of this works as expected in older scores but not in newly created scores.

when this first happened i quit Dorico and relaunched it. the problem persists. i tried re-setting the key command and that didn’t work either.

old scores work as expected. new scores don’t.

any ideas?
Screen Shot 2019-04-06 at 8.54.22 AM.png

V doesn’t give you a new voice, it toggles between the existing voices. A new project doesn’t yet have those mutliple voices created on the staves. You want Shift-V to create a new voice.

Just to add that an “old project” that was originally imported from MusicXML may have created multiple voices automatically, because they were used in the imported file.

!.. thanks!.. details…details… details.