Can't Create Steinberg Account To Reset Licence


I’m unable to create a Steinberg account. After completing the online form, it says that an email has been sent for me to activate my account. I received no email and I did check my spam folder. I went back and asked for the email to be resent but still no email.

I need to reset my licence after installing a new hard drive but can’t do this without getting into my account, so, at the moment I have no Dorico. :frowning:

I hope someone can help with this.


I suggest you email our support team at info at steinberg dot net for help. In the meantime I’ve sent you a 30-day trial code for Dorico that will allow you to get back up and running right this minute.

Hello Daniel,

Wow, I didn’t expect any reply until the morning. This is incredible.

Thank you, I’ll send an email to them now.



hey guys,

i’m having the same/similar problem… having bought a yamaha thr10c, i wish to download CUBASE AI that is bundled with it…

…however when i try to create the necessary Steinberg account, i am told that i am submiting an invalid email address (this is an email address i’ve used for many years so it definately ‘works’), i finally tried putting www. in front of my email address at which point it was accepted, but i recieve no activation email… :confused: (… plus i must’ve clicked resend at least 4 times…)

…then, adding insult to injury, when i try to email the support team at info at steinberg dot net for help, i am told that i require a steinberg account to do so!!! :astonished: :cry: :laughing:

dear Steinberg employee, PLEASE HELP ME!! :open_mouth:

If you haven’t yet done so, please email with a description of your problem, and our support team will be able to help you. Sorry you’ve been having problems!