Cant cut/edit midi. Snap to grid isnt working in some parts

When I try to cut up/move midi sections and have the “snap to grid” function on, only some midi sections will actually snap to grid, but others will just cut/move randomly and not snap. It is set to beats+bars, user quantize 1/1 yet the sections will just place where ever I leave them, i.e not inline with the grid. This hasn’t happened before, therefore im assuming theres another setting/button Ive accidentally clicked for this to happen. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

I can’t think of anything immediately that would defeat Snapping to the grid if it has been set. What exactly do you mean when you say it works for some MIDI sections… are they on the same track as events that don’t work?
Hav you tried different Snap/Quantize settings?

what exactly do you mean when you say it works for some MIDI sections.

so for example I have an 8 bar recorded midi section. For some reason when i hover my mouse over the 2nd bar of the section, the scissors will snap themselves to the grid so I can separate the first 2 bars equally, but when i move my mouse over to bars 3 and 4, the scissors wont snap and its like i haven’t got the “snap” button activated, when it IS activated. This is the case for a lot of other recorded midi parts. It doesn’t make sense.

Ive tried lots of different settings, but its the same every time, unless I turn “snap to grid” off, then I can freely cut anywhere like you normally can when deactivated.

Ive opened up a blank project and it works fine so im thinking ive clicked something somewhere for this to happen.

I have Reason 6.5 rewired as well, do you think this would this cause an isssue with the snap?

hmmm. have you recently upset some old lady with a black cat? :stuck_out_tongue:

O.K. so it is reassuring that it is working O.K. in other Projects. I don’t know if Rewire could be causing a problem (but it really shouldn’t make any difference).
So, for troubleshooting purposes, make a safety copy of that Project, then try deactivating Rewire (maybe even removing the MIDI track that is routed to Rewire… or is that the very track that is causing the problem?).
Also, have you tried on a new track in that same Project?