Can't delete accidentals

Even though the Dorico Elements help file says you can, it doesn’t work for me.

You’re trying to hide cautionaries, I believe. Is that not in the Properties panel? Also, if you have access to Notation properties there are rules there for where fautionarirs should show.

Dear Leo,
I think Elements users do not have Notation options — at least that is what I understood yesterday night in a conversation with John Barron… So not sure it is possible to hide cautionaries with Elements.

And what about the properties panel, in Write mode? I’m pretty sure that local accidental visibility is there, isn’t it?

Yes, the ‘Accidental’ property appears in Write mode and can be set in Dorico Elements. The new commands in the Key Commands editor to hide/show/toggle accidentals also work in Dorico Elements.

I am a new user of Dorico Elements and I was having the same problem. Thanks Daniel for giving the solution. With the Accidental properties I can select notes and hide any accidental at will. I was trying to use 0, -, or = to delete but that seemed to just toggle through accidental types. Probably operator error. My question is how does Dorico determine when to insert cautionary accidentals and can I control the behavior? I am learning Dorico by inputting from sheet music. In the attached example in measure 4 for example, there are several cautionaries that aren’t in the Henle score. Dorico may be “right” but is there a way to disable cautionary accidentals? Thanks!

Cautionary accidentals are handled globally by the Notation Options dialog, which is restricted - you don’t have access to it in Elements. You’ll need to keep an eye on what Dorico’s doing automatically, then alter as necessary from the properties panel. You can also apply a key command - search Preferences > Key Commands for Toggle Accidental Visibility.

Thank you Leo. I will work within the properties panel. I am having fun learning Dorico and quite pleased with the look of the first four bars I created (copied from existing sheet music). I think it is a good approach to learning Elements.