Can't delete audio event

Anyone seen this before?
On a couple of projects, Cubase 6.5 won’t let me delete audio events by any approach. Right clicking, menu or otherwise. I’ve had to copy all files to a new project to resume working. Saving as a new project doesn’t seem to work. Interestingly, using the CUT command does delete the events.
I thought maybe I somehow locked the events, but that doesn’t seem to be the case either. I tried locking and unlocking them, but still can’t delete the audio event’s. Is there an obvious function I’m missing? Have I accidentally pressed some key combination that is preventing me from deleting audio events?

As usual, I looked on the forum and in the manual.
Thanks in advance

What happens when you try? Just nothing, or does it come up with an error of sorts?

Absolutely nothing. As if I’ve not attempted a thing.
I’ve looked in the pool to see if something is ‘locked’ but can’t see anything.
I’m perplexed. This has happened in 3 projects. I am guilty of leaving my sessions open a long time, over night sometimes. My best guess is a corrupt project file. But it only started happening in 6.5.

I take it you’ve not frozen the channel?
Are your monitor and record buttons greyed out?


No freezing and no buttons grayed out. I’m going to do a backup of the project and see if the deleting problem carries over.

Dear Quadrod,

it sound like a preferences problem. Please try removing Cubase’s preferences:


Thanks ldongo. That fixed the problem with the projects that were giving me problems. YAY.