Can't delete last bar of flow


I created the following bars.

After creating the dynamic markings in the last bar, Dorico automatically created an additional bar, which I can’t delete (neither with Shift-B + “-1” nor via “trim part”) Any suggestions? Thanks!
Delete last (370 KB)

What happens if you select the decrescendo and shorten it using Ctrl+Alt+LeftArrow?

Hello Estigy,

thank you, that worked!
But when I enter dynamic markings for one note, these markings should not exceed the note’s length, I think - or is this an intended behaviour?

Yes - it still is confusing to me, too :wink:

Dorico sees dynamic changes like crescendos as to be meant for the selected notes - so they reach the final dynamic (here: forte) after the last note. That’s why your forte is positioned on the first beat after the last measure, thus preventing this bar from being deleted.

Is there (or could there in future be) a way to prevent this happening on the last bar of a piece?

I think this is one case where Dorico’s AI should be wiser, and not wait for the next note — eventually change the length of the dynamic if the user adds notes after the last note, but keep the dynamic within the length of the last note when it appears to be the last. Hopefully this little improvement will be provided by the devs in due time :wink:

This is a mistake in Dorico.
Try it with this trick:
From the last but one bar make a normal bar (picture1).
Shortly before the final bar still place a final bar (picture2).
Select the final bar and with Shift B -1 (picture3) the last measure will be deleted (picture4).

(Only 3 files were possible, here is the fourth one.)
And ff-Sign still go after.

Thank you all for your help. The people in this forum are really outstanding. Helpful, very smart and always kind. Highly appreciated! :slight_smile: