Can't delete Note Expression data

Topic title says it all really.

Even though I can write and modify Note Expression data, once written, I am unable to delete it.
The Back button doesn’t work and Edit/Delete is greyed out.

Help appreciated.

Have you selected something to delete? Have you tried the Eraser Tool?

The fact that I can edit the parameter means that it is selected…doesn’t it? :confused:
Eraser tool doesn’t work, but I don’t think it’s supposed to.

It used to work, so I’m sure I’ve clicked something I shouldn’t have.

On further investigation, it seems that I didn’t have anything selected “No Objects Selected”. It seems that I’m able to write and edit a parameter without selecting it :confused:

So, the question is :blush: …how do I make a selection?

So long as the Note Expression window is open (for the note in question), either use the command “Select All”, or make a “rubber band” selection.

Thanks vic, now able to delete :smiley:
I do find the procedure a little odd. In most other applications I use, a simple left click selects.