Can't Delete "Phantom" LM-7 Track - Keep Getting Error

System: Win7 64-bit.

Small but irritating situation: every time I launch into a project, I get the warning that the LM-7 instrument is missing. What? My SX-3 had LM-9, so what is it looking for? The .cpr may have initially been an SX-1 .cpr, so maybe that’s why. So the Plugins info states it as a “missing instrument” of course and states it as being in Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 6 which of course it isn’t in.

And as one can see above, there is this empty LM-7 track that has no option to delete it. It can be moved to a new folder or group, but that’s not useful. So as long as this track sits there, I’m going to keep getting the nag. I’ve worked hard to remove all old previous version Cubase FX, etc. that would bring up this nag. This is the last.

Sounds like a possible Registry surgery thing, which I can do, but I don’t want to mess up.
Thanks for any advice, step-by-step solution.

See if it’s in the Rack and remove from there first then remove the tracks.

Thanks for reply but I don’t have any racks – or don’t think I do. My Cubase is pretty vanilla except for EZDrummer and free EQ and such plugins. Whenever I hit VST Instruments in Devices, nothing happens. Here is what the exported error message says:
“The plug-in “LM-7” could not be found for VST Synth 1!”