Can't delete player after XML import

After an XML import, I’m unable to delete one of my players. This player (“Lead”) was present in Flow 1 before I imported the new flow from XML. I then deleted Flow 1 before trying to delete the player.

EDIT: I’ve also tried selecting the linked “Lead Sheet” part layout and pressing Delete - nothing. Selected the part layout and clicked on the trashcan - nothing. Right-clicked on the part layout and clicked “Delete layout,” and it worked. I was then able to delete the player.

You need to attach the project when you run into a problem like this. As I have said, ad nauseam, we cannot diagnose problems from pictures, even moving ones.

Ugh… and I’ve chided users for doing the same thing. Sorry. Attached.

I can replicate this. Here’s what I did:

  1. Start with a “template” file that has one flow, assigned to “Lead.”
  2. Import flow with all new players
  3. Delete Flow 1
  4. That’s where this file is… now attempting to delete the player.

XML import - can’t (432 KB)

The ‘Lead Sheet’ player deletes fine for me. Obviously things are in a bit of a funny state in this project because you have a layout selected that no longer has any flows attached, but that doesn’t prevent the deletion of the player or indeed that layout. Perhaps this problem somehow only affects Windows. I’ll try to remember to look at this again on a Windows computer tomorrow.