Can't delete the last bar

I’ve tried “trim flow”, and shift B, but nothing helps.
any idea?
it’s the last bar at the last flow-
Seu_Zimra.rar (504 KB)

Check to make sure no dynamics (hairpins, etc.) extend into the final measure. Then try Trim Flow again.

done that.

I’m not sure what the problem was here, to be honest, but copying and pasting the music into a new flow seems to have sorted it out – please see the attached fixed version.

It’s really cool to see you using the extended tonality features of the software to notate Arabic music, by the way! (326 KB)

Thank you Daniel,
I’ts going to be a published book of “Jewish-Libian Hymns”.
I’ve started it in product B, but fell in love with Dorico and migrated everything to it .
I’ve just finished another Jewish hymns book in product B, and although I can do anything with it, I wish I had Dorico at that time, so much elegant.

you’ve mentioned microtonality, so I got 2 questions:

  1. we are trying to collaborate with a digital notation library, that uses XML to import notations.
    from what I’ve tried so far, microtonality is not supported at the accidental and key signature level.
    can you confirm this? is there a roadmap for it?

  2. I think that your solution of EDO scales is very clever in regards to key signatures and transposition (although many JI purists won’t agree with me).
    what is your approach towards playback implementation? do you have any updates about it?


  1. You’re right that neither our custom key signatures nor our microtonal accidentals are currently exported to MusicXML. This is potentially tricky to do, as MusicXML has a quite limited repertoire of accidental types that it supports, so being sure to map the accidentals you define in your tonality system in Dorico onto the most appropriate accidentals in MusicXML is non-trivial. And I am not sure to what extent you can specify a mode/key signature with mixtures of these accidentals in MusicXML either, though I expect it is possible to at least some degree.

  2. For playback, we first have to implement support for VST Note Expression so that we can apply per-note pitch bend to sounds in HALion. If you don’t want to use HALion, then we also need to provide a means to route each voice independently to a separate channel so that we can apply per-channel pitch bend instead.

Both of these issues are assuredly on our roadmap but I’m afraid they are not among the things we are working on right at the moment.