Can't delete track which shows nothing on the inspector

I have a track which shows absolutely nothing on the inspector. I can’t delete it. There is no corresponding track on screens other than the mixer. Does anyone know what is going on?

Here’s the track:

Here’s the inspector:

If a Track does not exist in the Project Window then you can’t select it and if you can’t select it then you can’t look at its Inspector - so a blank Inspector Panel is what you should expect with no selected Track.

Assuming you are using the default MixConsole Fader Colors in Preferences; the light green Fader knob indicates it is the audio output for a Rack Instrument (not Track Instrument) which would only appear as a Channel in the MixConsole and not a Track in the Project Window. If you remove the Rack Instrument (by setting it to no Instrument - click on the name text not the little arrow) its Audio Outputs will be removed from the MixConsole.

Thanks for the reply. I sort of gave up and left it in. My mix is immensely complex and it didn’t seem to be doing any harm.