Can't delete triplet without it....

I want to delete the empty triplet in the second bar, when when I try by highlighting the 3 it also lights up the 3 on the triplet right before it, thereby deleting both of them. Why is this doing this?

I can’t reproduce your problem… so you’re saying that you’re using the mouse to click on the triplet (the one with rests in it) and it’s also selecting the previous one?

The only thing I can think of, barring an odd bug, is that you’re dragging the mouse slightly and making a boxed selection rather than just clicking on the one triplet.

Thanks the for reply WTFruit. I am using a mouse and since I tried it four or five times I would think at least one of those times would have succeeded, but I also saw no evidence of a selection box.

The other possibility is that it is a single crotchet triplet instead of two quaver ones. If a triplet goes over a barline, by default it is split into two. You can make it into a single tuplet (to check this is the case) by setting the ‘spans barline’ property.

Andras: that appears to be the case, even tho I had no idea that was happening.