Can't delete tuplets

This is a bit weird. Some tuplets, I can delete by selecting them and pressing . Others just won’t go when I do the same thing.

They’re ‘even’ tuplets (3 in the time of 3), so the notes won’t be problematic without the tuplet.

Could you post a short score that demonstrates the issue? I can’t immediately think of any reason why this would happen.

Here’s some sample bits. Only some of the tuplets will delete.
Untitled Project (517 KB)

Thanks for the file, I can reproduce the problem. As a workaround for now, you’ll have to select the notes and lyrics under one of those tuplets, cut them, delete the tuplet, paste the notes again.

Actually, I think you’ll only have to cut/paste the lyrics under those tuplets to allow deletion of the tuplet (for now, until we release a fix).