Can't delete unwanted staff (elements)

Why is this so difficult? What am I doing wrong?
I followed the manual exactly, but after I’ve selected an item in the staff I wish to delete, and go to Edit/Staff------I don’t see the option to “remove staff” as promised in the manual. Please see attached.

I’m also not able to see any “sign post of the extra staff you want to delete”
I’m drowning. Please save me.

You’re probably using a section player. You can only add or remove staves from solo players.

No, but when I imported the midi file, it automatically created a treble and bass staff. I figured out how to move the bass staff notes into the treble and now I want to get rid of the blank bass staff.

Because they aren’t one player, but two. “Remove staves” only works on a single player.

You need to add a solo piano, move everything into that player, then remove staves as needed.

The Add/Remove Stave functionality does not exist in Elements.
You could hide empty staves globally (it’s at the very bottom of Layout Options).
By the looks of things, you do have access to Manual Staff Visibility, too, which will allow you to hide or show staves in conjunction with a Frame Break or System Break.

Ugh, quite right. Sorry wrldwdarr. I should probably recuse myself from commenting on any threads regarding Elements or SE because I bungle them so often!

Seems like Dorico has failed to recognize the instrument on import (this can be either programs fault). If you want the bass staff gone completely, I’d recommend changing the instrument to an actual guitar in setup mode.

Not your fault, dankreider. Dorico should either 1) put out a separate manual for Elements users, or 2) annotate activities which Elements users are unable to use in the existing manual. Otherwise, it’s kind of deceitful. When I decided to purchase Elements, I believed that I just would be limited in the number of players I’d be able to write for and the extent to which I would be able to surgically edit my projects (e.g. no Engrave mode). Apparently, there’s a slew of other stuff I cannot do. :angry:

  1. The separate manual for Elements users: Dorico Elements 3 Documentation
  2. The clear annotation of the differences between the three versions of Dorico: Compare the Versions of Dorico: Elements & Pro | Steinberg

I can’t really see where Steinberg/Dorico have gone wrong here.

Thanks. I didn’t locate these before.