Can't demo Dorico

I’ve succesfully downloaded Dorico from the Support Downloads. I’ve installed it, but Dorico is stuck in the splash screen with either “Audio Engine: waiting connection” or “Audio Engine timeout” displayed. I’ve tried restarting (Windows 10 x64), messing with my audio interface (Steinberg UR824) but nothing seems to work. My demo period is counting down, at this rate, I don’t think I’ll get to demo it. I’m very interested in Dorico, but I won’t buy it without demoing it first.

The first time it took a lot of time here, too. It seems, Dorico tries to open all available ASIO drivers and scans for all VSTs. The secound start did not take that long.
Try killing all processes that are may using the sound-card?

How did you manage to “demo” it.

Trial versions are not available yet.

Supposedly, other Steinberg license owners can demo it for 4 hours. But since it does not work, I didn’t demo it.

If Dorico is timing out waiting for the audio engine then this is often caused by 3rd party plugins throwing up dialogs (this happens with some Waves plugins, for instance), so check your other windows to ensure there aren’t any dialogs hiding behind Dorico.

How do you get the demo period? I just get the dialogue asking me to enter the serial no.

If you have a full Cubase Pro, Nuendo or WaveLab Pro license, you should have a time-limited “All Applications” license on your existing USB-eLicenser. If Dorico finds that license it will simply start up. If you find that Dorico prompts you for an activation code, then you don’t have an appropriate license on your USB-eLIcenser.

Thanks Daniel. I don’t have the licencse on my Cubase Pro dongle.
I’m sorry now I pre-ordered the boxed version from an online reseller; I wanted a spare dongle. I should have just bought the download version today. Ah well…