Can't display Export Audio Mixdown status

So originally I just thought it was hanging when exporting audio mixdown. The percentage would stay at zero and no visual progress would be made, so I was just force quitting and trying agin. Real time exports kept failing, reporting a CPU eroor etc. The session is peaking around 50% on the ASIO meter. All virtual instruments are frozen. Playback is fine - dont know why I’d be getting that error.

The offline mixdown does actually eventually complete, but it just gives you no indication of its progress. Tried the 9.5.30 maintenance update as I’d headr that dealt with some exporting issues, but it made no difference.

My confidence in this program is so low :frowning:

Any ideas?


in my case the progress bar does not work if I export a new file, but if I overwrite another file the progress bar works as expected.
This is happening when I export 44.1 kHz files from 48 kHz projects, if I export 48 kHz files from 48 kHz projects the progress bar seems to work without the “overwrite trick”.

Hmmm, sample rate doesn’t make a difference her (am working at 48k, exporting at 48k). Overwrite also does not help I’m afraid. I’m shocked that I have a problem as fundamental as this, after all this program development.