Can't do system break mid-measure in Dorico 4

I installed Dorico 4 and found that I can no longer do system breaks mid-measure. Previously, Dorico could insert system breaks at any rhythmic position. However, in Dorico 4, when I do a system break at beat 4 of a measure, the system break occurs on beat 1.

System Break Bug

System Break Bug.dorico (466.5 KB)

There’s an option now for this. Read the Version history or watch Anthony Hughes’ video about Layout.

There’s now an option for whether it should ;snap’ to the nearest bar somewhere.

You should still be able to move the Break using Alt - arrows, along the duration grid.


Here is the relevant page in the manual for this option.


Great, thank you. That worked!

I’m not sure if this is a Mac-specific or recent update thing (just did a fresh download yesterday) but I’ve unchecked the “Snap system and frame breaks” option, clicked apply, and it still continues to break at the barline instead of mid-measure as expected. Any help?

Does the same thing happen in a brand new project?

Yes, I just tried the same thing in a brand new project and made sure the Snap System option was still unchecked and it still is moving the whole measure containing the selected note to the next system.

Using . or , or Move to Previous/Next will always move the whole bar. Select an item in the bar then use Shift+S to create a mid-measure System Break.

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Thank you! Worked like a charm.